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We offer a platform of free online video hosting and without registration, no need to fill in an e-mail address or other .. You upload your video by pressing "Add a video" or directly by dragging it in the white box, you choose the status, depending on whether you want the video Is public and therefore visible by all or private, you choose a category, you add a title, a desciption, You can click directly on the "Heberger" button and you can directly share it via the links we provide directly after you Hosted your video, whether it is to share it with your friends, on forums, social networks, website, e-mail..
K-upload offers you the possibility to share and view your videos quickly and easily by accepting many formats: mp4,avi,flv.. Regarding the weight of the videos to be hosted, it will be brought to be increased and can for the moment go up to 300 Mo.
A free online web hosting solution for storing and streaming your content with our powerful, fast and powerful HTML5 video player for all Browsers, supports, even on cell phones, in case of not supported HTML5 format, our flash friend will take over! You can of course later find the links to share or delete your video at any time in a few clicks. As a video host, K-upload is maintained and updated regularly in order to adapt to the latest technological innovations.

HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 Multimedia Video Player

Our audio and video player is an HTML5 compatible media player with Flash and Silverlight incredibly fast and simple with basic options Like the control of the sound and the possibility to put in full screen: it allows a coherent user interface in all the browsers (The oldest browsers are supported by Flash and Silverlight).

Quick Upload

Fast & Efficient service

The video upload service we offer is possible thanks to our servers allowing you a fast hosting with an access and a load effective. We have the latest technologies and continue to update our video hosting platform on a regular basis to improve the Features we offer.

Adaptive Video Player

Responsive Design

A powerful and fluid video player that fits all screens no matter the resolution to improve user interface and experience. The player also selects Automatically the best possible reading of the device according to the browser of the surfer and offers a video experience unsurpassed on different browsers and supports: IPhone, iPad, Android, desktop..

Video sharing

Share: Forum & Social Networking

Once your video is sent on k-upload, you can instantly share it, many media are available to you, you just have to choose among the different Links that are provided to you. It is thus possible to share it via a direct link, on a website, on social networks or on a forum, blogs thanks to the BBCode.

Video hosting without registration

Video hosting without registration

Our video hosting platform is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to host your videos in a few clicks. Our services do not require any Commitment, you do not even need to register. After the accommodation, your vdeos are accessible 24/7 without any interruption.

Hosting video

Hosting safely

You can safely host your videos with our stable and powerful servers. Security is very important to us, that's why That our servers will automatically create a backup of your videos to ensure their durability in time in case of technical problems.

Upload private videos

Private Upload

When you entrust us your videos, you have the possibility to choose between two status, "public" and "private". By choosing private, videos will only be visible By you, we generate a unique link that we provide to you and that only you have knowledge: free to you to make the public video by sharing this link.

Video Hosting

Video Hosting Free

The video hosting you offer is totally free, allowing anyone who wishes to host their own photos and possibly Share them later thanks to the sharing link we give you: we simply offer you free storage space online.

Accessible video

Accessible at all times

Your videos are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can delete your video at any time by going to the page or Video and clicking on the "delete" button and confirming the deletion, the video will then be removed directly from our servers.

Video Hosting

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